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Street art, Northern Quarter, Manchester, autumn 2022

I have had quite a few requests from folks, and followers, who want me to join this or that social media app so that they can keep in touch with me, as the birdsite degrades further by the day.

I’m starting to feel like a broken record on my answer to their questions, so for anyone looking for me:

  1. I am on Twitter and LinkedIn. You’ll find links in the header of the page you are reading.
  2. I am and always have been a Zuckervegan. I do not have accounts on, or use, any Meta site or application, including the new one, nor will I ever. No FB. No IG. No WhatsApp. No Threads. Nope. Not there. Don’t look for me there.
  3. I had Mastodon accounts but gave up and deleted them due to the sheer amount of men (yes, and it was all men) who had never communicated with me before in my life, but somehow felt compelled to message me to say “hi, like your work, and here is how I think you should be using your Mastodon account.” To which I say, and who the fuck are you? Aside from that, I have other issues with Mastodon – or perhaps I should say, some of its most fanatical evangelists – which I will gladly share in exchange for beer.
  4. I may join the other shiny new toy, which I have an invite to, or I may not. That’s entirely up to me. Not you.
  5. If you need to reach me directly, contact me for my Signal. “Need” does not mean you trying to sell me your magic compliance solution.

If I do have anything to say, or any update to offer, the best place to find it is here on this blog, which you should be following on RSS.

And if your own site does not have RSS, remember that I am silently judging you.

Updated March 2024.

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