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Disclosure title screen

I was honoured to advise BBC Scotland’s Disclosure team on a recent documentary about children’s online privacy.

I even got to appear on camera (mercifully briefly) discussing some of the issues at hand.

Extremely rare sighting of a wonk in the wildThere were a million different directions that the narrative could have taken, ranging from in-school surveillance for safeguarding reasons to adtech to the lamentable failure of regulatory enforcement in the UK, but for the direction that the documentary team chose, I’m very pleased with how it turned out. In any discussion concerning children’s privacy, you usually tend to get a lot of heat and rhetoric and more than a little grandstanding, so I’m also very glad that the documentary team kept their feet on the ground. Well done to Emma, Emily, Claire, & all involved.

You can watch the documentary on the iPlayer for a full year.

Incidentally, visiting Pacific Quay for the in-person filming was the first work thing I got to do outside of my house in sixteen months. No really. I didn’t have to Zoom in from my living room. I got to be in an actual room with actual other people. Not going to lie. It felt pretty good.

Review of the documentary, by my teenager:

“? it was boring, please be more interesting”


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