November housekeeping

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I recognise that things have got a bit weird on the socials, so:

  1. I’m not leaving Twitter until it leaves me;
  2. I do have a Mastodon account, open in a tab, and will play with it at some point this month when it becomes more interesting than the books I’m reading, and right now that is very stiff competition;
  3. I may start writing here more, in different ways, using post formats to delineate the “types” of writing I’m doing. This post itself is a test run of that. If this becomes more than a test, I’ll set up category-specific RSS feeds. Speaking of which:
  4. As a backup, I went through the many organisational and institutional accounts that I follow on Twitter, and from there to their sites to subscribe to their RSS feeds. I was genuinely gobsmacked by how many organisations do not have them. We are talking about digital-specific groups here: digital ministries, digital policy think tanks, digital rights groups, digital faculties, and so forth. This is failing-at-the-first-hurdle, hang-your-head-in-shame territory here, folks.
    If this is making your face turn a funny colour, check if your organisation’s site has an RSS feed, and if not, get it done this week. People’s abilities to keep up with your work may well hinge on it.
  5. If you missed the news that I never announced, I am back on the job market again, not happy about it in the slightest, and bored out of my skull in the meantime. If you’re interested in changing that, the usual rules apply.