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I was honoured to be invited to speak at this year’s Accessibility Scotland conference on Brexit’s implications for web accessibility. The video of the talk has now been posted online, and it is fully captioned.

I made no attempt to provide definitive answers, or legal advice, on what will happen after Brexit, because nobody knows that for sure. What I did do was break down the policy implications into two areas – disability and human rights laws, and practical accessibility laws – and work from there.

It is worth noting that there are many areas I did not touch on, such as the numerous EU-funded R&D projects into accessibility technology. There is only so much you can touch on in 45 minutes, and I would love to see another speaker (and I’m thinking of someone in particular) picking up that baton next year.

The talk was built around an article I wrote for 24 Accessibility, and the feedback from the talk informed my final edits on the draft.

At the after-dinner, the speakers and organisers shared the common thread we received from feedback on the day, which was that audience members were very pleased with how advanced and in-depth our talks had been. It was, for all intents and purposes, a daylong advanced masterclass in accessibility topics, and we couldn’t be prouder for making that happen.

I strongly encourage you to explore the other speakers’ talk videos and transcripts as well.

I will, reluctantly, pick up with the progress of the European Accessibility Act’s transposition in the UK through the Brexit process in the new year.

Thanks to Wojtek Kutyla for nudging me to apply (and for making me double over with laughter in general), to Peter and the stellar organising team for the support from start to finish, and above all, to this:

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