Everything said about digital in yesterday’s Brexit statement

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From Hansard:

Mrs Anne Main (St Albans) (Con):

I congratulate my right hon. Friend on his statement today. In particular, I liked the section in which he said that he wants to give as much certainty as possible to employers, investors, consumers and workers. Half of St Albans’ economically active population works in London, and many of them work in financial services and the knowledge-based economy. What conduit can they have to input into the process through which we are now going, and what assurances can he give me that London and the UK will maximise free trade with Europe while tapping into the growth markets around the world?

Mr Davis

Given that my right hon. Friend the Member for Uxbridge and South Ruislip (Boris Johnson) is sitting next to me, I am bound to say that London is a massive global city and an extraordinarily successful one. We will do everything necessary to protect, defend and enhance that success in the markets that my hon. Friend mentioned—in the financial services, the digital markets and the intellectual markets. We are looking at all of them right across the board. She should tell her constituents who want to have an input into the process that they should go through their trade organisations or come directly to the Department to tell us where there concerns are and where they think the opportunities are and we will take their comments on board.

That’s it.

So that’s the government’s view, then: if you want your voice heard, get in touch with your trade organisations.

The ones our industry consistently refuses to create.

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